Evolution of the IT Services for Shopping Centers

We look for ways to reduce the complexity of services executed by Shpping Center management through the use solutions with technology in an agile and safe way.

We are Different:

Our team has 15 years of experience developing solutions for mobile devices and 12 years in the Shopping Center business.

We adapt our solutions to the clients’ needs, and training is conducted by the developers themselves (for better adaptability).

Efficient and agile support included.


Auditing solutions

Aims at making store sales auditing easier, through the use of diferente techniques (face-to-face auditing, thsourgh fical documents, via Z Reduction, POS, among others.)

Survey and Customer Service Solutions

Aims at improving the quality of services provided to the Shopping Center’s clientes, through opinion surveys and maping of clients’ demands, with instant results.

Security Solutions

Our aim is to improve the Shopping Center’s security through access control, monitoring and performance of custodian systems, as well as accident and damage to patrimony control.

Management and Control

Solutions that allow for the use of pre-determined reports or the adaptation of reports used by the Shopping Center to the system.

Customer Service

We customize the solutions, with training conducted by the team who develops the system.

Technical support done through e-mail and telefone.



L2 Tecnologia, is Always looking out for new partnerships, and it’s open to proposals for joint ventures in diverse áreas in which mobilde technology solutions and tools can be applied.

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